Below is an excerpt from an email we sent to IRAS with regards to PIC grant eligibility for projectors:


Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme

IRAS – PI Credit



All businesses carrying on a trade or business in Singapore are eligible to claim the tax benefits under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme, if they have incurred expenditure in any of the six qualifying activities, one of which is the acquisition or leasing of PIC IT and Automation Equipment for use in their businesses.

For an equipment to qualify, it must be in the prescribed list of PIC IT and Automation Equipment.

A stand-alone projector will not qualify for PIC claim. If the projector is connected to a computer for usage, it will be considered as computer peripherals and will qualify for PIC under S/N 2 in the prescribed list.

You may wish to refer to the IRAS website for more information on the PIC scheme.


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